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Cybercrime is estimated to cost the UK £21 billion....per annum. Consisting of £9.2 billion from IP theft, £7.6 billion from industrial espionage, £1.3 billion from direct online theft and £1 billion from loss or theft of customer data.

- Joint report from Detica and Cabinet Office (February 2011)

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PAOGA is a Cloud Service Provider (CSP) providing Security as a Service (SaaS) PAOGA is NOT anti 'Social Networking' however we know, by our own experiences, that there are many times when you don't want to share information with a group but 'have a private word' or 'this is confidential'. We call this 'AntiSocial Networking' providing privacy and confidentiality of communications and interactions between individuals and with organisations. It is complimentary to Social Networks and, given continuing revelations about data theft, loss and abuse, is long overdue. PAOGA Limited, a UK company with global ambitions, has been researching and recently developing a technology platform that provides individuals and organisations with a secure repository to enter your personal information and data, upload your documents and files to access, update, store and share 'under your control, with your consent, for your benefit'. All the important information and data that makes up your life can be held in your own Personal Cloud i.e. your health records, qualifications, tax account, property deeds, house inventory, insurance policies, passport or other ID, in fact all the stuff that is important to you.

Meet the team

PAOGA has brought together an experienced team with a track-record of building and growing successful hi-tech companies.

Graham Sadd – CEO and Founder A well-known visionary entrepreneur, Graham has founded, led and exited a number of successful hi-tech companies including Infobank Plc.

Guy Ponsford – COO Delivered services and solutions at TIBCO, Warner Bros and at Infobank as Global Operations & Service Delivery Director.

Peter Murton – CTO Innovative developer and technical architect for companies such as Reuters, Ventura, Corel, State of the Art Software (acquired by Sage) and Decisive Technology.

Bill Balmer – Director of Business DevelopmentFounder and CEO of TrustID. EVP of Cylink/Safenet,, Head of Consulting for Zergo, Managing Editor of Elsevier Security Reports and a member of the BCS’s Information Security Examination Board.

Derek Sayers Non-Executive Director Previously Director level with ICL/Fujitsu, establishing the first ever eBusiness solutions, including Buckingham Gate, Gameszone and UKTrade.

Simon Davies – Privacy Advisor Founder of Privacy International and Privacy Analyst at LSE, to regularly audit the business and the strategy to ensure that PAOGA adheres to its vision and ethical values at all times.

Peter Howes – Legal Admissibility & Compliance Advisor Contributor to the BSI Codes of Practice for Evidential Weight and Legal Admissibility of Electronic Information since 1994 adopted as the Standard BS10008:2008 to ensure that PAOGA meet legal requirements.